Our First Ever Christmas Camps! A Huge Success...


Fun, fun, fun...

All of the Children, supervisors and volunteers had a superb time on both CHICKS Christmas Camps – 'Christmas Cracker' and 'Jingle Bells'. We wanted to share with you some magical memories from a very special time of year:

Nathan Counter, CHICKS Supervisor
Jingle Bells Camp
(Posted on our facebook page on the 30th December)

I've had a couple of days to reflect on the Christmas Camp experience. I still can't quite believe what we have achieved on Jingle Bells and Christmas Cracker camps. It was the most incredible week of my life and an unbelievable experience. Truly the most rewarding thing I have ever done and something I am extremely proud of CHICKS for making happen, we have given them a Christmas they will always remember. I totally agree with all the other volunteers posts below and would just like to add that it was a privilege to work with truly inspirational adults and the most deserving /amazing kids. Let's take this momentum into 2012 and keep doing what we do best - Making Memories. Nate

Check out our facebook page to read the action over the Festive period – the comments are well worth taking the time to read:


Xmas meal

You can take their word for it...

Here are some of the quotes from the children on camp...

Jingle Bells Camp

'My happiest memory of camp was Christmas because we were like one big family, it was the best Christmas ever!'

'The best bit of Christmas Camp was Christmas day when everyone was together. The CHICKS supervisors were really funny and amazing; I wouldn't have wanted anyone different.'

'The volunteers were some of the funniest people I have ever met'

'The supervisors were all just funny and were always making someone smile'

'The supervisors made me feel like I was at home on Xmas'

'My happiest memory was horse riding because it's been one thing I've always wanted to do'

Xmas morning

Christmas Cracker Camp

'Christmas Dinner was yummy, the pudding was my favourite and Sabrina made me smile everyday'

'My happiest memory of camp was ice-skating; it was fantastic and so fun!'

'My favourite meal was the roast, it was delicious!'

'The funniest part of Christmas Camp was getting to see supervisor Wayne again'

Xmas skate

Our Excellent team of Volunteers

'My happiest memory of camp was watching all the kids playing with what they got for Christmas after they'd opened them. They were so excited, sharing so well and having so much fun.'

'Watching the children put up the decorations on Christmas Eve while Wayne played his guitar was a magical time. The whole thing was memorable and was one of the best times of my life.'

'There is not one story I will always remember, there are too many! Seeing all the children opening their presents made me cry and really moved me. The CHICKS supervisors worked non-stop, an inspiration.'

'The supervisors as always were amazing. They were unbelievable with the kids and made everything run seamlessly for them. They made sure that the kids were never bored, the volunteers were never unsupported and the camps as a whole were nothing short of fantastic.'

Dressed up

Would you like to read more?

If you would like hear more - check out all the live updates over the festive period and see hundred's of photographs that were posted on our Facebook page


Thank you to everyone that was involved in our very first CHICKS Christmas Camps. It is thanks to your support that they were possible and we are truly grateful.

Let's hope we can help 1,200 disadvantaged children in 2012 and make memories that they can keep forever!

Thank you for all your support. We really did make children's dreams come true!

A day out at Dartmoor Zoo


Festive fun and face paints!

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