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Fundraising Standards Board

Fundraising Standards Board

The Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) runs the only self-regulating scheme for fundraising bodies in the UK. They are supported by the Office of the Third Sector, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Assembly Government.

Being a member of the FRSB means that CHICKS commits to the Fundraising Promise as set out by the FRSB. It also means that we have in place a complaints procedure.

We also commit to the Fundraising Institute’s Codes of Fundraising Practice and Code of Conduct.

For more information please visit the FRSB website

Fundraising Promise
Being a member of FRSB means that we commit to the Fundraising Promise. It is based on six key pledges that centre on honesty, accountability and transparency.

Our Fundraising Promise represents a commitment to the highest standards of good practice and ensures that all fundraising activities are open, legal and fair

Complaints Procedure

Stage 1
In the event of a complaint please call us on 01822 811020, email us or write to us at Moorland Retreat, Bonnaford, Brentor, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0LX.

We will do our utmost to resolve any complaint through our internal complaints procedure.

Stage 2
If the issues is not resolved in stage one then the complaint can be referred to the FRSB to investigate.

The first step they will take is to look at the complaint and decide if there has been a breach of the Institute of Fundraising’s Codes of Practice or any part of the Fundraising Promise.

If this is the case, they will investigate and look at what was done to resolve the complaint. Both parties will need to tell the FRSB how they tried to resolve the complaint. It means both parties will be required to provide them with copies of correspondence, if any, or an account of how the matter was dealt with. There will be an opportunity to offer possible solutions or the FRSB might ask the parties to consider recommendations they make.

If a breach is identified, the FRSB will advise a solution. They will try to resolve a complaint at Stage Two within 30 days.

Stage 3
If either party is not happy with the Stage Two decision, either can ask for an adjudication. 

An adjudication means that the FRSB will look at the complaint to see if there was a breach of one of the Institute of Fundraising’s Codes of Practice or any part of the Fundraising Promise.

The Board will have access to all the information from both parties, as well as a report on Stage Two. They will also take into account what was done to try and resolve the complaint at Stage One and will attempt to make a decision within 60 days. The adjudication is the final stage in the process and both parties must abide by the Board’s decision.

The Board may decide that the resolution at stage two was sufficient and no further action is required. They may decide that something else has to happen in order to bring about a full resolution and can ask for a change or improvement to particular fundraising practice. If the matter is of a very serious nature, they may ask the charity to discontinue from using the practice which resulted in the complaint being made.

They can also request an apology to the person who made the complaint or prescribe some other form of reprimand. In very rare or extraordinarily serious circumstances, the Board can take a decision to remove the charity from the Scheme.