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Holly's Story


Holly’s* father has been wounded in service; however he is still serving and has spent long periods away from the family home. Her father’s absence has led Holly to become anxious and she lacks self-esteem. Her lack of confidence at school can mean that Holly withdraws from interactive learning and sometimes struggles in group settings. She was referred to CHICKS by her teacher who believed that Holly would benefit from the chance to “meet challenge, and have new experiences in a friendly, supportive setting, such as a CHICKS break.”

Despite it being Holly’s second time at CHICKS, she was very nervous when she first arrived. She attended with her sister and on the first afternoon she wouldn’t leave her side. However, with gentle reassurance from the Respite Break Leaders she settled in very quickly and started to get to know the other children in the group. As the week progressed, Holly spent less and less time with her sister and branched out to make some wonderful friendships. She particularly enjoyed spending time with her new friends getting creative in the arts and crafts barn, she tried her hand at everything from friendship bracelets to clay sculptures. Another special moment of Holly’s break was the surfing session, as she had never been in the sea before! She was understandably nervous, as were many others in the group, but they all jumped in together and had a brilliant time. At the end of the week Holly told the Respite Break Leaders that she “had the best time ever!”

Please support CHICKS

The total cost per break per child is £970. In order to provide respite breaks for more children like Holly, we rely wholly on the generosity of our supporters - we receive no government funding. This year alone we need to raise £1.8 million in order to facilitate all the respite breaks planned.

If you would like to support CHICKS and help us provide respite breaks for more children like Holly, you can donate here.

* name changed

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