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Dance the Day Away: how to plan your event!


So you've decided to raise money for CHICKS by dancing the day away! Brilliant - and thank you!

But maybe you're not sure how best to get started?

These are our quick and easy tips for holding your own Dance the Day Away event!

1 Decide on the date of your event and how long the event will run for

Your event can be an hour long, half a day or even a full day (if you're feeling super energetic!) - it's really up to you and your co-dancers. And it can take place on a day that suits you and your dancing team - so get that diary out!

2 Decide who will be involved

Will you keep it local with just family and friends? Or maybe you're a teacher so you might want to run a school or class danceathon, or maybe this is one for your work colleagues to shake it off and get grooving to?!

3 Decide on the format of your Dance the Day Away event

What's your favourite type of dance? A bit of ballroom, or a terrific tap dance? Maybe a school disco, an after work zumbathon or a friday night barn dance! Once you’ve decided on the dance style you need to plan:

- where your event will take place

- the theme or dress code

- what music you might need

- whether you will need refreshments

4 How will you raise money for CHICKS?
The aim of your Dance the Day Away event is to raise funds for CHICKS, but you can get creative about how to do this! You could:

- ask friends and family to collect sponsorship using our Dance the Day Away Sponsorship Form

- ask for a small donation from each person taking part

- create an online fundraising page using Just Giving or Everyday Hero (colleagues, friends and family can then donate to this directly)

5 Promote your Dance the Day Away event
You want as many people as possible to know about your event and help you raise funds for CHICKS. To do this you could share your event:

- via your social media (you can tag us @CHICKScharity #chickscharity #DancetheDayAway), e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

- by including in a community newsletter, company enews, school newsletter

- by completing our Dance the Day Away Poster template and display it around your work, local community hall or leisure centre

- by competing our Dance the Day Away Press Release template and send it to your local newspaper

6 On the day of your Dance the Day Away event remember to:

- have your music ready 

- take lots of photographs or video clips (check you have permissions from parants/carers for children under 16)

- share your event on your social media

- tag CHICKS on social media @CHICKScharity #chickscharity #DancetheDayAway

- have FUN!

7 Send in your money
You can send the money you raise for CHICKS to us by cash or cheque along with your completed Money Return Form.

If you have created a Just Giving fundraising page all money raised will be automatically sent to us.

8 Thank everyone involved!
It's really nice to thank everyone who supported your event. You could do this:

- via your social media

- via your community newsletter or company enews

- by completing our Dance the Day Away Thank You poster template and displaying at your work, home or local leisure centre!


Thank you so much for hosting a Dance the Day Away event and supporting CHICKS. To find out more or download a Dance the Day Away fundraising pack click here

If you'd like more support in holding your Dance the Day Away event or have any questions please email

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