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Tyler's Story


In 2018, 388 of the young people who attended our breaks were referred to us for respite from the caring responsibilities they face at home. This, is Tyler's* story 

Tyler lives in a small flat with his mother who is very poorly. Tyler's Mum is suffering with cancer and has recently had a tumour removed. She is still undergoing radiotherapy which makes her very ill.

Tyler is confused about his Mum’s condition and doesn't understand why his Mum has become so gravely ill.

Tyler spends most of his spare time confined to their small flat helping look after his Mum.

Due to her condition, Tyler is unfortunately very isolated; he is unable to have friends around to play, and he has to help Mum with fetching and carrying, and with tasks such as shopping. They are a very low-income household, so the opportunity for activities - even if Mum was able to facilitate this - is limited.

Therefore, earlier in 2019, Tyler was referred to CHICKS.

He needed to have a break from his worries about Mum; given the chance to focus on being a child, and simply have a little fun.

At first Tyler suffered with homesickness, and struggled most bedtimes. At CHICKS, we find this is particularly common with young carers, who are so used to being responsible for a relative when they get home from school and often into the evenings.

However, with support from the Respite Break Leaders, he was pleased he stayed! He made friends with some of the other boys on the break, and they expended all of their energy on new and exciting activities, including a trip to the National Forest Adventure Farm, and splashing around in the swimming pool. It did Tyler the world of good to be free of his responsibilities for five amazing days at CHICKS!

To find out more about referring a young carer to CHICKS for a free, week-long respite break, please click here. To help make this possible, click here.

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