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EXTRA DATE for Cornish Coast Path Walk


For the last eight years, the glorious month of May has seen CHICKS Regional Fundraiser, Mick Ryan, lead a merry gang of walking enthusiasts on eight new and exciting 25 mile treks along the Cornish coast path, whatever the weather!

This year, we are excited to announce that Mick will be introducing a secondary walk from 12 - 13 October 2019.  As a wonderfully successful and inspiring event, we thought the thoughts and memories of those who completed this May’s walk should be shared in their honour.

So, we asked Mick to get in touch with a few of the May 2019 crew to ask how they got on, their highlights, and of course… the challenges.

What was your motivation for taking on the CHICKS coast path challenge?

“My motivation for the walk is for the children, as is for all,” Nicky

“I chose to support CHICKS as a charity for many reasons… particularly the ethics behind it; simply providing children with an opportunity for respite from their difficult circumstances,” Lisa

“I’m lucky enough to have many happy childhood memories… it’s incredibly important that as many children as possible have an opportunity to make some,” Manon

How was the walk/experience for you?

“I was tired at the end but also so happy and proud that we raised so much money for a good cause,” Nicky

“The walk was challenging both physically and mentally. But I always enjoy the opportunity to mix with a variety of people… there are 28 people of different ages, countries, beliefs, backgrounds and abilities… the sharing of stories and sugary treats helped us along the way!” Lisa

“it was great to see the retreat first-hand – I can imagine more clearly what a wonderful experience it is for the children!” Manon

How did you feel at the end?

“I felt proud to be a part of the team as we walked together on the last stretch towards Land’s End,” Nicky

“At the end of the weekend I felt I had achieved my goals. Raised funds for CHICKS, taken part in a challenge and spent time with a very pleasant bunch of people!” Lisa

“Very tired and achy! But also, extremely happy. I am now more than ever convinced of the positive difference CHICKS can make on people’s lives,” Manon

Individuals from across the country make their mark and travel down to take on the Coast Path Walk every year, each time raising around £10,000!

Come rain or shine, these individuals have carried their smile through to the finish line in order to pass one on to children across the UK living in desperately difficult circumstances. And with a cosy check in at CHICKS Cornwall Retreat and a chance to experience the famously beautiful Cornish landscape, what’s not to love?

We have a small number of places remaining for our October 2019 walk, to get involved contact Mick Ryan by calling 01726 817913 or email

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