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Royal Parks Half Marathon: Alex Hirons


In the run-up to the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday 13 October 2019, we are shining the spotlight on three runners completing the race for #TeamCHICKS! First up this week is Alex Hirons, a University Teaching Lab Technician from Cambridge.

What is your relationship with CHICKS and how did you hear about us?

I've known about CHICKS for years. My dad worked as a break supervisor for several years, as did my stepmum. We've got lots of family photos of my brothers, sister and me having our faces painted at various open days we used to help with – that's where I learnt how to put up a gazebo!

What is it about CHICKS that made you want to fundraise for us?

CHICKS is the definition of a worthy cause! It really is a lifeline for children who are going through difficult circumstances, which you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, let alone a child who has no choice about their situation.

Why did you choose the Royal Parks Half Marathon?

I've been wanting to do a half marathon for a while now and the Royal Parks Half is a beautiful route. When I saw that CHICKS had a spare place, it seemed meant to be!

What are you doing to train for this challenge and how do you feel it is going?

I've been following a training plan; Nike Run Club is brilliant – it updates your plan every week based on your performance, which is so encouraging and really keeps you accountable. It's a great excuse to listen to interesting podcasts and means that I can almost justify procrastinating on Spotify to build new playlists!

I also do plenty of crosstraining – I row, ride horses, cycle to work, and try to squeeze in some weights/yoga when I have a chance. The only real problem is hill training – Cambridge is very flat and London is not... wish me luck on the slopes!

Is there anything else you would like to add about your upcoming experience?

Just that I'm terribly excited and hope that this is the first of many challenges I'll be completing for CHICKS, as they absolutely deserve it!

Click here to donate to Alex's campaign and help her reach her £500 target!

Keep an eye on our website over the next two weeks to hear stories from the other members of #TeamCHICKS running this year's Royal Parks Half Marathon.

Check out our challenge events page if you would like to get involved yourself.

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