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Ordinarily, CHICKS’ retreats would be filled with children and young people from far and wide, making happy memories with new friends, feeling a million miles away from the challenges they face at home.

However as you know, in line with government advice, CHICKS breaks stopped on Friday 20 March. Since then, the retreats have sat waiting silently and patiently. Children who should have been bouncing on trampolines and racing for ice creams have instead been cooped up in their homes, their tummies rumbling and heads full of worry.

Your heart will have been full of thoughts about these children and how they are being affected by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.


Elizabeth* was referred to CHICKS by her Head of School and was due to come on her first break in mid-April. For her whole life, Elizabeth has witnessed her Mum struggle with alcohol and drug mis-use as well as battling with poor mental health. She has been subject to severe neglect, abuse from a family member and is a young carer for her little brother. When Elizabeth’s home environment was recently checked she had nothing in her bedroom; no bedding or curtains and very few clothes – the ones she did have were dirty. Her Head of School said Elizabeth’s wish was to be somewhere she could fit in and feel accepted.

While the coronavirus outbreak has taken hold, CHICKS has been supporting families like Elizabeth’s virtually through our Happy Place group on Facebook, but you can make sure CHICKS normal breaks resume for these children the moment it’s safe. We hope this will be in Autumn 2020.


You can give children like Elizabeth the certainty that as soon as it’s safe she will be able to go somewhere she can feel happy and free, somewhere she can shine, by making a donation to CHICKS online.

If making a donation is difficult at the moment, you can also write a message of hope on this beam of sunshine and either email it to us at or post it to us at:
Higher Mill
Buckfast Abbey
TQ11 0EE

When CHICKS re-opens we'll display your message so that when Elizabeth and others just like her arrive, they will read your words of hope, belief and positivity; an incredible and empowering way for them to start their much-needed respite break.

Your kindness will give these children the knowledge that days full of sunshine, laughter and fun lie ahead. Thank you.


Write your message of hope, belief and positivity on a beam of sunshine 


Make a donation to CHICKS Coronavirus Appeal

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