Making Memories… Giving Hope

Shh! It's time for a story...


This week is National Storytelling Week in the UK, celebrating imagination and the importance of a good story.

You might not know this, but we often end an evening at CHICKS with a traditional bedtime story. Respite break manager Richard explains why a bedtime story can be really important: “Imagine being a young child in a different place, away from home maybe for the first time and surrounded by other children.  Anxiety, excitement and different environments are the enemy of restful sleep if left to rampage through a person’s mind.  To combat this we use stories.

“Whether it be around a campfire, on a comfy sofa with a hot chocolate or when tucked up all snug in bed, a bedtime story provides the reassuring journey into the imagination that a child needs to calm their mind and settle down for the night.  Sometimes we enact these stories for full sensory immersion or else they are spoken in a soft soothing voice, but either way the effects are evident.  A restful night’s sleep is vital for the fun, adventure and relaxation that a CHICKS respite break provides.”

Last year, one group of children decided to take their bedtime story to a whole new level, and acted out The Gruffalo around the campfire!

Many of us have fond personal memories of bedtime stories. Richard says: “For as long as I can remember, stories at bedtime have been a special part of my life, with my Mum lulling me into a sleepy state with tales of woodland creatures and the like.  This form of settling down continues in my family with me reading to my son every night to help him make that transition into the world of dreams.”

As its National Storytelling Week, we’re also delighted to announce our new partnership with Happy Days Out, who will be donating 10% of sales of their book ‘Happy Days Out in the Lake District’ to CHICKS! The book is aimed at children aged 0-5 and features tales of 17 different days out in the region, making it the perfect bedtime story for little ones. Find out more info & buy the book on their website.

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