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Getting in a spin for CHICKS!


On Tuesday 26th April, two brave men from RAF St Mawgan took on an unbelievable challenge! Sgt Morgan and Cpl Hughes undertook a 12 hour spinathon. That's 12 hours on a bike, with NO breaks (apart from the obvious)!

Sgt Morgan has written his own account of the day...

"It was all going well for the first 5 hours, spirits were high and classes were full which made a big difference to morale. However, after the lunchtime session came the graveyard hour, when we found ourselves sat spinning away on our own. It was at this point we both realised how painful our knees and bums had become and how we still had 6 hours to go. It would all go downhill for us from then on. By this point I (Sgt Morgan) had taken 2 classes and was starting to flag a little more than Hughsey, who was hurting but still feeling strong. But his time would come, and he actually ended up running 4 classes by the end of the day which was an achievement on its own.

In the final 3 hours we were both well and truly in the hurt locker and time seemed to be standing still. It was at this point Heather, the Gym Admin Clark, really came into her own as she kept us fed, watered and generally was a big morale booster.

Despite us thinking the end would never come it did, 7pm, or the 12 hour point of unbroken spinning. It was a strange feeling getting off the bike and walking around. Just standing up for the post event photo posed its own challenges and driving home for me was not an option. I opted to leave my car at work and got a lift home as I didn’t have full control of my legs.

Once all was finished and we had started to recover it was time to count up the money we had raised and we are delighted to announce that it was £510.30.

Hughsey and I would like to thank everyone who came, took part and donated money to CHICKS. Your support and generosity made the whole ordeal worthwhile." 

Well done to Sgt Morgan and Cpl Hughes for completing this intense challenge! If you've got an idea for a unique fundraising event, find out more about how to raise sponsorship here. 


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