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National Children's Day 2016: The importance of adult wellbeing


The theme of this year’s National Children’s Day is adult wellbeing, and just how important that is to ensure children have happy and healthy childhoods, and grow up to be happy and healthy adults!

Respite break manager Richard has reflected on how CHICKS looks after the team of break leaders who work directly with the children:

Children who visit CHICKS have an amazing time for a variety of reasons.  Being in a new and inspiring location, trying new things, making friends and experiencing the freedom of the outdoors are all important factors.  However, none of these would have remotely the same impact if it were not for the adults around them, offering support, respect and a sense of fun.  Therefore it is vital that those adults are able to remain positive, calm, consistent and enthusiastic and in order to achieve this those adults need a high level of wellbeing. 

The Respite Break Team at CHICKS talk a lot about providing a space for children to feel safe, valued and relaxed.  They cannot make that emotionally secure environment when they are under stress.  Through training that fully equips staff and volunteers to deal with a variety of circumstances and situations, we are able to provide the ideal basis for the respite breaks.  This is accompanied by positive support for the team to discuss any situations that have challenged them and ensure that they have great job satisfaction.

Children thrive in this environment because of the grounded and compassionate adults around them and the adults thrive because of supportive environment they work in.

To find out more about how adult wellbeing impacts on children, watch the video created by the National Children’s Day team:

There are some great tips on how to improve your wellbeing on the NHS website here

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