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Behind the scenes at CHICKS: Respite Break Coordinator


You might know about the fundraisers, and the respite break leaders who work with the children on their breaks, but there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure that the breaks run smoothly. 

Gemma is one of our respite break coordinators, working as part of our 'Coordination Team', and has been working at CHICKS for just over a year. Her role is to coordinate the breaks, putting together groups of children and volunteers who are the right ages and genders, in order to make the breaks run as smoothly as possible. This involves assessing thousands of applications every year and liaising with the professional who has referred the child to understand their situation in more depth.

It can be a challenge sometimes: “things change all the time; some of the children have very chaotic family lives and we often have last-minute cancellations. You can think you’ve put together the perfect break with the right gender and age mix, then the situation changes! I’ve learnt to be flexible.”

Even though it can be frustrating at times, it’s definitely worth it for Gemma. “I love what CHICKS does. Hearing about the children’s home lives can be difficult and emotional, but seeing them come on break and hearing back from the professionals about the good it has done the child is really rewarding!”

We are currently recruiting for another respite break coordinator, which is an incredibly rewarding role! Find out more & apply here

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