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A Poem in the Post


At CHICKS, we have a freepost letter writing scheme so the children can stay in contact with us after their break. Each child is given a freepost envelope so they can write to us at no cost, and when we reply we include a new envelope for them to use. This means that communication can go on for as long as the child wants or needs it to. 

We get some very lovely letters and drawings sent to us, and wanted to share one that arrived this week:

“I loved making new friends and meeting you, it changed my life because now I have a different look on life and it makes me feel happy when I hear someone talk about CHICKS. I never thought that I could have a good time without technology or things like that. But you proved that I can have an amazing time without that stuff. I wish I could stay there forever. But I can’t. I got bored (as usual when I’m at home) so I wrote a poem about my time at CHICKS:

On Tuesday we went horse riding

Never before have I done that thing

Wednesday was when we went to Dairyland

It was so big, so fun and so grand

The next day we went to the sand by the sea

That is where the sand shark will be

The whole week was really fun

But I can’t believe that it is done

Thank you for the amazing holiday

Next time though all year I’ll stay

Well that’s how long my stay will be (hoping)

But it all depends on how my families coping”

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