Making Memories… Giving Hope

"An incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience"


Last week, we were joined by a volunteer from Incisive Media, one of our biggest corporate partners! Peter decided to volunteer after being inspired by a talk held by CHICKS staff at the Incisive Media offices. This is his account of the week: 

After attending the CHICKS presentation in September I decided to exercise ‘action over intent’ and volunteered to help out at one of the week-long respite breaks that the charity provides for disadvantaged children. Having just returned from a week on deepest Dartmoor, I can honestly say it was an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience, and definitely something I would consider doing again.

The group I was with was made up of fifteen 11-14 year olds, all ‘young carers’ and a real mix of characters and personalities! The week consisted of lots of ‘free play’ (anything from card games to ping pong to trampolining) and group activities (rock-climbing, gorge-walking, horse-riding, forestry woodworking, swimming…) as well as quality time to relax and unwind.

The meal times were entertaining with some hilarious conversations, and each day finished with a fun discussion where everyone (me included) chose their ‘best part of the day’ and also their ‘star of the day’.

The money that Incisive Media raises for CHICKS gets put to extremely good use and their motto - Making Memories, Giving Hope – was evident throughout (as was the Incisive leaping frog, writ large on the side of the minibuses, which vibrated to the sounds of ‘Now 94’). I could really see positive change in the kids on a daily basis – just through having fun and being allowed to be children, they became more open and talkative, and showed greater confidence and self-esteem. I witnessed friendships form, eyes get brighter, postures change and shoulders lift. Even after just a couple of days the children were saying things like, ‘This is the funnest time I’ve had in years!’ and ‘I hope we get snowed in so that we can stay here!’

Well done to all at Incisive for supporting CHICKS so consistently, a very worthy cause!

Incisive Media support us with donations from their Foundation, by holding fundraising events and by supporting us with lots of design work - we'd like to say a huge THANK YOU for all their support! 

If your company is interested in supporting CHICKS, then please get in touch with the fundraising team: 


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