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Sale of Moorland Retreat

Sale of Moorland Retreat

It is with complete and sincere fondness for the hundreds of memories made and childhoods changed at our retreat in Brentor, Devon, that we  announce our 'Moorland Retreat' is for sale.

The property that has given so many thousands of children in desperate need of a respite break a place to sleep soundly, play safely and make positive childhood memories was placed on the market in January 2020 following a period of careful consultation between CHICKS' staff and the Board of Trustees.

We hope we have answered all of the questions you might have following this significant announcement below, but if you have any further queries relating to this matter, please email and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Why is Moorland being sold?

We stopped the delivery of respite breaks for vulnerable young people from our Moorland Retreat in April 2017, after making the decision to consolidate the provision of breaks from sites in Derbyshire and Cornwall.

Despite our fundraising efforts remaining steady, increased costs and the required investment needed to ensure that our Moorland Retreat was suitable for both the provision of breaks and as an office space for staff have meant that we are unable to reinstate the provision of breaks from this site.

As a result, we made the difficult decision to place the property on the market in January 2020.

What about your remaining retreats in Derbyshire and Cornwall?

Our commitment to providing respite breaks for future generations of the UK’s most deprived and vulnerable children and young people is stronger than ever.

In 2020, we will be providing weekly breaks for children aged 8–17 years old from Derbyshire, and on a project-by-project basis from our Coastal Retreat in Cornwall.

Does this mean that CHICKS will be helping fewer children per year?

In 2019, CHICKS supported more than 650 children to attend a respite break at its retreats in Derbyshire and Cornwall. The sale of Moorland will have no impact on the number of children we are able to support in 2020.

What will you do with the money raised by the sale of Moorland?

The money raised by the sale of our Moorland Retreat will put us in a stronger financial position and reduce our running costs, with the long term aim of sustainably increasing the number of children we are able to support with a break at a CHICKS retreat.

Is there no way Moorland can be refurbished and reopened?

Unfortunately, the cost of refurbishing our Moorland Retreat and the additional running costs attached to its ongoing maintenance are beyond what we can sustainably manage as an organisation at the moment.

But the memories made at our Moorland Retreat make us who we are, they are the foundation upon which we are built, and wherever breaks may be provided for children in the future, we are incredibly proud of the childhoods that were changed at the Moorland Retreat.

What about all the children who are referred to you from Devon?

Hundreds of children are referred to CHICKS' services from across the UK every year, including many from Devon and the South West. This will not change as a result of the sale of our Moorland Retreat.

But it is also our duty as an organisation to adapt to the needs of those we support and put steps in place to ensure that we’re here for their future.

Will the charity ever open another retreat in Devon?

There are no plans for this at present.

Where will your fundraising and administrative teams be based now?

In May 2019, our fundraising and administrative teams moved to an office in Buckfastleigh, a moorland property that nods to our heritage, but with greater accessibility and functionality for our staff, and, crucially, lower running costs.

You can still reach the team on 01822 811020. If you’d like to pop in to see us, our address is CHICKS Suite B1, Higher Mill, Buckfast Abbey, Buckfastleigh, Devon, TQ11 0EE.

What can I do to help?

This year we need to raise £1.8 million to continue providing respite breaks for young people, and we rely on people like you for every pound. If you’re able to help this effort in any way, we would be so grateful.

You’ll find lots of ideas for how to fundraise on our website, where you can also make a one-off or set up a monthly donation. If you have any other questions about fundraising for CHICKS, call our Fundraising Team on 01822 811020.