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CHICKS Rainbow Walk

CHICKS Rainbow Walk

Dress in the colours of the rainbow and walk for children across the UK this May

Across the UK, millions of children who feel sad, afraid or alone are facing serious and worsening situations as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. While CHICKS break are off, we want them to remember that people believe in them, that they are valued, important and loved.

We're inviting you to stand beside every child who is living in poverty, struggling to cope with caring responsibilities, grieving for someone they love, or missing a parent on the front line, by taking part in a Rainbow Walk this May.

To join the fun, we want to see you dress in your finest, brightest, most colourful clothes, pick your route and head out for a Rainbow Walk with your household. You might want to cycle, skip or run, whichever you choose, as long as your outfit is bursting with colour and happiness - that’s perfect!

If possible, we also ask you to consider making a donation to CHICKS. Our mission is to make our breaks available for hundreds of vulnerable children who need the chance to feel happy, light and free, including the children of key workers, who have had to endure enormous stress and worry in recent weeks.

We want to give all these children and young people hope that as soon as it’s safe they'll be on a CHICKS break breathing freely, running wildly and laughing uncontrollably. 

How can I do my own Rainbow Walk?

1. Decide on a day to do your Rainbow Walk

2. Pick your route and your brightest outfit 

3. Make a donation or raise funds for CHICKS
- Text CHICKSRAINBOW to 70085 to donate £5 or CHICKSRAINBOW to 70450 to set up a regular donation of £2 each month*
- Donate online
- Set up an online donation page at EverydayHero
*Texts to 70085 cost £5 plus your standard message rate. Texts to 70450 cost £2 plus the cost of two standard rate messages.

4. Pound the pavements with pride, knowing that a child who feels sad or alone knows that you are right here for them!

5. Nominate other friends or family you know to take part, or even join you on the same day from their own homes.



Join the fun this May, today!